Choose from our selection of over 1,000 different ceramic pieces. All pieces are made with white earthenware and are bisque.
Unpainted ceramicOur selection includes:

  • dishes
  • platters
  • cookie jars
  • animals
  • garden statues
  • vases, planters
  • picture frames
  • candle holders
  • boxes
  • banks
  • Seasonal in stock year round!
  • and more!
La Terraza

Acrylic Painting

Glaze Painting

Acrylic is a fun, easy to use stain that can be spray cealed and taken home the same day! There are many color options including metallics, opalesques, and matte. Great for animals and pieces for decorative indoor use.
Glazes are high gloss and are completely food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwaveable. Ideal for dishes, vases, planters and outdoor decorations. Expect 3-6 days for firing.

Commissions and Repairs

We do both repairs and commissions. Choose one of our pieces, or bring in your own and specify how you would like it painted. You can be as involved as you want in selecting colors and style, or leave it up to our proffessional artists to decide. If you happen to have something ceramic that has been damaged, bring it in and our staff will take a look and provide a quote. (all repairs are cosmetic and should no longer be used for food or water, or placed outdoors)

Service Cost

Repair: $20 per hour

Commission: $20 per hour (plus cost of ceramic)

ceramic repair-before
ceramic repair-after


Since we do all firing on location our kilns may be used for a small fee. All firing is done at cone 06 (approx 1800 degrees). We will fire molded greenware or any pieces that have already been fired once.